Groups interested in delving deeper into specific topics, or who are interested in booking more than one workshop may prefer to do an  intensive. The structure and content of intensives are tailored to meet the needs of your organization. If you are interested in learning more about one of these options, please contact me. References available.

One-Day Intensive:
A one-day intensive includes six hours worth of education over the course of one day, which can be comprised of up to three different topics or extended session(s) on a specific topic.

Weekend Intensive:
A weekend intensive is comprised of ten hours of education held over two days. This can be comprised of up to five topics, or extended session(s) on specific topics.

Shame Less Intensive
Designed for woman-identified participants, ShameLess explores radical body acceptance, burlesque, and the art of the striptease both theoretically and practically, mixing didactic sessions with instruction in dance and movement technique. This workshop is tailored to the needs of the participants, and can range from an afternoon session to a weekend-long intensive. Groups may also arrange to have a showcase of participants’ work at the end of the intensive.

Diversity Intensive:
This workshop is comprised of two three-hour sessions that can take place over one day, two days or two consecutive sessions. The first session is an interactive exploration of social issues related to diversity and multiculturalism. Topics include power, privilege, hegemony, understanding “isms”, and other diversity related issues evaluated at the social level.

The second half of the day brings the macro experience into the micro, evaluating how the information discussed in the first half manifest in the BDSM community. Topics include how privilege and power affect community functioning, access to education and play, and how the indiviual experience of the community differs for people with different identities. Additionally, we discuss and evaluate how “isms” are perpetuated in kink and evaluate the concept of “within-community discrimination”.

2 thoughts on “Intensives

  1. Andrew says:

    OMG! ok, let me calm down. I have been wanting to put together a class on diversity and stereotypes within the community for a long time. I have material because along with my duties in the Army I am also a trained Equal Opportunity Leader for my unit. I would love to correspond with you more and pick your brain a bit in regards to this topic.
    In Leather,
    Sir Andrew

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