About Lillith

As an educator, activist, and artist, most of Lillith’s time is divided between teaching, studying, and sewing sequins. She is a burlesque dancer, event producer, artist, and pianist, and is currently completing her Ph.D. in psychology. She is the founder and co-producer of Dallas’s weekly Queer variety show, the Tuesday Tease, and is the founder and producer of Glitterbomb, a weekly Queer performance art showcase on Thursdays in Denton. She performs frequently in the D/FW burlesque community, and works to create space for identity development and personal healing through performance art for Queer-identified folks.

In addition to her performance and production work, Lillith presents educational workshops on a variety of topics at events and conferences across the country, including sexuality, research, personality, sign language, relationships, and multicultural & diversity issues. She has worked as a therapist and currently teaches at the university level, including courses in women’s studies, psychology, social work, and American Sign Language.